Saved - thanks to people like you

If you found a starving dog, chained up and abandoned without food or water, you'd do what you could to help

Especially when you realised that the poor animal was so hungry, he was eating soil just to stay alive!

This was the heartbreaking sight that met our Inspectors when they rescued Diego from a small cage on a blistering hot day in January.

He wouldn’t have lasted much longer. He was painfully thin and very, very thirsty. But despite the awful treatment he’d endured, this gentle giant bore humans no ill will. He just wanted to be friends with everyone!

At the SPCA, he was given plenty of good food and lots of attention to make up for his ordeal. And then we started looking for a special new home for him ... one where he would never go hungry or be ill-treated again.

Even though it took well over three months, we couldn’t give up on Diego. After all he’d suffered, he really deserved a second chance of a happy life.

But it costs a lot to keep a big, hungry dog like Diego for month after month. And it simply wouldn’t be possible without generous support from animal lovers like you.

Diego was just one of 180 dogs and 35 cats waiting to be adopted from our SPCA ... all needing to be fed, exercised, treated for parasite control, dewormed, groomed and cleaned up after. And it all costs money.


You can't always be there when an animal needs to be rescued. But you can be part of every rescue carried out by our Inspectors.

If you walked through our kennels and cattery today, there is not one single animal here that you wouldn’t want to help ... just as we do.

So please help us give them more time – by making your contribution now towards the cost of food, shelter and care. Any amount you can spare makes a difference ... it might even save an animal's life!

Other ways to help animals

If you love animals, please support our efforts to protect them from cruelty and neglect. There are lots of different ways to help.

Sponsor a Yard Cat

Provide care and shelter for one of the cats that live permanently at our SPCA because they cannot be re-homed – with your monthly sponsorship gift of just R100.


Volunteering is an enriching experience for anyone who has some free time on a regular basis and wants to make a difference. You need to be over 16 years of age, reliable and have your own transport.

Get a MySchool Card

It costs you nothing, and you'll help animals every time you swipe the card at Woolworths and other participating stores. Be sure to nominate Durban & Coast SPCA as the beneficiary.

Donate in lieu of a gift

Helping to make a better world for animals is the perfect way to honour a friend or loved one who prefers not to receive gifts for a birthday, anniversary or other celebration.

Support Coffee Cats

Enjoy a cuppa or a light meal in the tranquil setting of our cafe and tea garden. Meet our famous yard cats, browse plants for sale, visit our charity shop or Adoption Centre.

Include us in your Will

If kindness towards animals has been one of the guiding principles of your life, wouldn’t you enjoy knowing that your voice against cruelty, neglect, greed and ignorance will continue to be heard beyond your lifetime?

Donate unwanted items

Your unwanted furniture, clothing, household appliances, books, jewellery, etc can be sold in our charity shop to raise funds towards the care of our furry orphans. We also appreciate gifts of pet food, blankets, etc.

Collect small change for us

If you own or manage a retail outlet or are a member of a club, why not keep one of our collection tins on your counter? Small change mounts up quickly and makes a big difference to our Society!

Shop til you drop

We have a charity shop filled with amazing bargains, as well as a section of brand new pet products – collars & leads, tick & flea remedies, grooming products, toys & pet food.

Buy plants

Fill your garden with beautiful healthy seedlings, shrubs and trees supplied by Ladybird Landscapes. Large selection available at our nursery, adjacent to Coffee Cats.

Participate in our events

Throughout the year we run a series of competitions and events – from a fantastic trail run along the Umgeni River to Paws in the Park, a fun day out for you and your dog. You'll also find us at the ECR House & Garden Show.

Report cruelty

Animals can't speak for themselves - they need compassionate people to speak for them. If you know of an animal that is being ill treated or neglected, call us on 031 579 6501 or our emergency after hours number, 083 212 6103.

Amanzimtoti: 031 904 2424/5

Dolphin Coast (Ballito): 087 550 0512 /083 653 0127 (Emergencies)

Dundee & District: 034 212 2851

Empangeni: 034 792 9129/078 306 1439 (Emergencies)

Eshowe: 035 474 4169

Estcourt: 36 352 1476/083 555 9758 (Emergencies)

Greytown: 033 413 1181/033 413 1522

Howick: 033 330 4557/033 330 2672

Kloof & Highway: 031 764 1212

SPCA Inspector

Kokstad: 082 771 7229

Lower South Coast: 039 312 0962

Mooi River & District: 033 263 1526

Newcastle: 034 318 2346

Phoenix (Avonford Crescent) : 031 500 6452

Pietermaritzburg: 033 386 9267/8/9

Richards Bay: 035 753 2086

Sani: 033 702 1884