"Me & MyPet"

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Here they are – all the entries in our school photo competition. The judges will choose the top 10 finalists – then the winners will be determined by your vote! Voting from 19-23 June 2017.

Ever Grace and Princess Sugar

Ever Grace and Princess Sugar

Ella and Cherry

My burmese is my companion every night. My other cat is Lilly- she is from the DBN SPCA. My two cats are like my children and I love them with all my heart.

Ella and Cherry

My beautiful loving Burmese is my pride and joy. He sleeps with me every night and loves to play with me in the garden. He is wonderfully flexible and I love the way he trusts me.

Jasmine and Cleopatra

Cleo loves to chase around her laser and snuggle with me at night

Caitlyn and Bella

Bella is a beautiful and gentle Dalmation who loves to be close to her human and enjoys a good bedtime story.

Tayla and Jasmine

Jasmine is a super active 1year old Greyhound who loves kisses and running on the beach.

Kierav and Scout

He's adorable, sweet and incredibly naughty. Love him to bits.

Keira and Pepper

Pepper was a little red hen who loves people. Sadly she passed away last year and we miss her dearly. Her aim in life was to get into the house to snuggle onto the couch.

Matthew and Jimmy

Jimmy is 6 months old and loves to be held and sucks our thumbs when he goes to sleep. We love him more than life itself!

Joscelyn and Whiskers

My sweet little cat Whiskers who loves to lie on my lap and be stroked. He also loves to eat ;-)

Joscelyn and Whiskers

Whiskers is our first cat. He loves to eat and sleep and talk. He loves lots of attention.

Joscelyn and Sammy

Sammy is a Golden Labrador who loves to go on walks.

Kyle and Dakota

This is Dakota our very special German Sheppard who loves attention!

Jaiden and Diesel

My dog is my best friend. He is cross pitbull x staffie and has the best nature in the world! He has stolen a huge piece of my heart and I can't imagine my life without him!

Puja and Bubbles

He's an absolutely cute, fun loving pet... Loves playing hide and seek, to cuddle, playing with my long hair, sleeping on my pillow ... and loves eating.

Cerise and Milo

The friend she loved at first site. He is over protective over Cerise... they are inseperable.

Nathan and Jimmy

Jimmy and Nathan are best friends they are totally inseparable !!

Kitty and Dee Dee

Dee Dee is a rescue that joined our family late 2016. Despite all the negative publicity Kitty was adamant about having Dee Dee.

Oliver and Milo

Milo is a very special GSP. She loves beach walks and for you to throw her a ball. She makes the best friend ever.

Ava and Ciobar

Ciobar is our beautiful chocolate Labrador... his name comes from a brand of yummy hot chocolate in Italy... Ciobar is our protector and our very best friend.

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