"Me & MyPet"

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Here they are – all the entries in our school photo competition. The judges will choose the top 10 finalists – then the winners will be determined by your vote! Voting from 19-23 June 2017.

Mikaela and Lexi

Lexi is our 12 year old Dachshund. She and Mikaela have this most amazing bond since Mikaela was born. She is an incredible dog with a fantastic nature. Mikaela and Lexi are like sisters and their love for one another is something really special.

Olivia and Chloe

I love Chloe because I can play with her and she licks my feet under the table

Olivia and Oreo

I love Oreo because he is soft gentle and very loving.

Jeanine and Lucy

Lucy is a very clever dog she can walk through the house without making a sound with her paws.

Jeanine and Bibbles

Bibbles loves to jump with me on the trampoline. She is my best friend.

Noah and Holly

Holly is our miracle pup as she was born with a rare liver shunt. She is doing well on a special diet and is a typical bouncu boxer. Holly is my best friend!

Keagan and Doodles

Doodels is a very loving dog and follows me everywhere. He likes to play ball.

Thashen and Jericho

Jericho is a one year old Boerbull. He is playful and full of fun. His favorite time is dinner time. Jerry loves playing catch and is very mischievous.

Phillipa and Hammy

I got Hammy on my 6th Birthday. I have had for more than a year and we play everyday. Hammy is very tame and loves sniffling and kissing me on my nose. Hammy loves to play at night and sometimes wakes me up with all the noise he makes.

Jagger and Tav

Tav my buddy was adopted by our family a month ago. Since then we do everything together. He is 5 like me and can still learn new tricks.

Phillipa and Tav

We adopted Tav into our family about a month ago. Since then he has become another member of the family and joins in everything we do - including playing TEA PARTY with me in the garden. Except he gobbles down his cups before I even finish one.

Tayla and Prince

Prince is the newest member of our family and is the most gentle little rescue pup. He is a Dalmatian X Whippet. He adores hugs & kisses and loves little children. As his name suggests, he is our Prince Charming.

Daniel and Mimi

Mimi is an adorable Yorkshire Terrier puppy who is an energetic ball of fluff. She loves going to the beach and she loves digging holes in the sand! I think she is trying to find ghost crabs.

Lily and Toast

Toast is a rescue that came to our family after being burned. She shows no animosity or aggression towards humans in spite of how she was treated in the past. In this photo, her best friend Lily was captured singing a lullaby to Toast, who responded appropriately by falling asleep.

Kareena and Max

We adopted Max from the SPCA when I was two years old. He is the most loving, gentle boy and a precious member of our family. Love him to the moon and back.

Madison and Savannah

Savannah is a crazy 14 month old Bull Terrier. She loves to swim and is crazy about water. She is full of energy and runs around the garden chasing noises. She barks at people through the window and loves to chew shoes.

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