Chewed to pieces, brittle and broken – our dog beds are in desperate need of replacement

Please will you help

Unfortunately, pet beds don’t last long at a busy animal shelter like ours.

Apart from being the chew toy of choice for our mischievous pups, the beds also have to be scrubbed every day with bleach and water to make sure they’re safe and germ free. As you can imagine, that takes its toll, leaving the plastic brittle and prone to splitting.

But, with hundreds of new animals coming into our SPCA every day – most of them with no vaccination history – preventing the spread of disease is crucial.

Now I think we’ve found the answer . . . a unique, new type of pet bed specially designed to withstand this wear and tear.

Basically a mattress made from high density foam, covered with a Neoprene and Tarp outer, and a double layer PVC inner, the beds are easy to clean and hard to bite. They may even be puppy proof!

Plus, the PVC layer insulates the bed to keep dogs warm on cold winter nights. And, with summer on the way, they can be sprayed with water to provide hours of cool relief from the heat. In short, these beds would be ideal for our furry orphans!

But, at R780 for the large size and R506 for the smaller one – we’re going to need your generous help again.

Do you have a special place in your heart for animals that have been hurt or neglected by callous humans? Some arrive here, trembling and frightened . . . used to harsh words, kicks and beatings. Others are starving, their fur matted and covered with ticks and fleas. Some are lost . . . terrified by cars whizzing past them as they trot along the freeway trying to find their way back home.

Some are bewildered . . . dumped here by owners who no longer want them. It’s heartbreaking to see how they watch and wait in vain for their owners to come back and fetch them.

All we can do is offer soft, reassuring words, gentle hands to stroke their fur and a safe warm place to curl up in. And that means replacing all 200 broken beds in our kennels, as well as 40 in the cattery.

Please will you help by making a donation of any amount towards this urgent need?

When you make your donation, you’re not just giving a bed. You’re giving warmth and reassurance to an animal that has known what it’s like to be cold, frightened, unwanted, hungry or hurt. In years to come, ‘your’ bed will comfort hundreds of animals like this.

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