Support our Team SPCA runners

This year's Absa Run your City Durban 10km race takes place through the streets of Durban on Sunday 7 July 2024.

We have seven dedicated team members, participating in the race to raise funds for animals at our SPCA. Please consider sponsoring them, any amount would be much appreciated by them and us. Get your friends to join in too, by challenging them to equal or better your donation!

Your support provides food, veterinary treatment, comfort and care for animals that have been neglected, hurt, injured or abandoned. Thank you!

Who will you support?

Ethan & Riley

Ethan & Riley Fredanus van Gelder

We are running for Team SPCA because we love to run and we also love animals. We have two cats (Milo and Figgy) and a dog (Oreo) at home, all three being rescues. We both ran the ABSA 10k last year , Riley running for the SPCA and we decided to both run for team SPCA this year and try raise as many funds as possible for the Residents of Durban & Coast SPCA.

Progress towards goal

R5950 / 8500

My sponsors
10/04/2024 R400.00 Claudia Van Gelder Thank you for running for such a worthwhile cause.
11/04/2024 R500.00 Elaine Gundry Awesome cause . Well done Riley and Ethan ❤️🙏
23/04/2024 R300.00 Trish Van Gogh Thanks for doing this again Riley, and for joining her this year Ethan - you two are awesome!
24/04/2024 R200.00 Arashika Mothilal All the furry friends thank you!
28/04/2024 R500.00 Justine Crawley All the best Ethan and Riley, great cause!
03/05/2024 R100.00 Jean and NJ EQUATOR Thank you for running for this good cause.
05/05/2024 R400.00 Janene Carey Styling siblings…thank you for helping the ‘paws’, and doing it through running is fabulous!!!! Good work!!!
16/05/2024 R300.00 Vivienne Hancke Thanks for supporting a great cause, Ethan & Riley
14/06/2024 R500.00 Equator Equator - the belt factory From all of us at Equator, we support you Riley & Ethan!
15/06/2024 R250.00 Nicola Blore Good luck Ethan & Riley and RIP Mena. X
20/06/2024 R500.00 Lee Holmes What an amazing way to honour your gran Ethan and Riley….she would be super proud of you xxx
28/06/2024 R750.00 Brett van Gelder Good luck!
02/07/2024 R500.00 Chris Atkinson
04/07/2024 R500.00 Lisa Forster Well done to the two of you!!
04/07/2024 R250.00 Karen Pulvirenti All the best for the race on Sunday and well done for supporting all the animals in need of our help!
Trevor du Plessis

Trevor du Plessis

My support for the Durban & Coast SPCA started way back, as a young whippersnapper in primary school! It is serendipitous that many years later I met the SPCA General Manager, Caroline Smith. A mutual love for animals brought us together, and here I am today representing my lifelong favourite charity as a member of Team SPCA!

As a sporty person, the combination of running whilst raising funds for animals is also a “match made in heaven”. My aim is to raise the most via this platform, for animals who suffer unimaginable cruelty. It is heart-breaking that not every pooch is loved and spoilt like our adopted ex-SPCA “Shenzi” pictured here with me.

Animals need us more than ever. Please do the right thing … donate now! Trev.

Progress towards goal

R8750 / 5000

My sponsors
15/04/2024 R1000.00 Cleto Tirabassi Props to you my old Friend! This is a very worthy cause and as a pet lover I’m incredibly proud to support your contribution 😊💪🏻
16/04/2024 R100.00 Hannah Du Plessis Love you lots dad, you’ve got this🥳❤️
18/04/2024 R200.00 Nancy Chitray All the best Trevor!
19/04/2024 R1500.00 Theunis Moolman Thank you for your selfless efforts that help those whom can t help themselves
30/04/2024 R500.00 Fran Lowings Wonderful that you’re doing this again Trev - such a special & worthwhile cause!! Love you lots! Ma x
30/04/2024 R1800.00 Nicky Todd Good for you, Trevor John - such a wonderful cause! Proud of you as always! Love Aunti T & Uncle R
14/06/2024 R500.00 Michael-John du Plessis Smash it ballie!! Love you lots
02/07/2024 R2500.00 Barry du Plessis Woof! You can do it bru! You are doing the animals proud
05/07/2024 R250.00 Michiel Kemper Great cause - enjoy the run
05/07/2024 R400.00 Stef van der Westhuizen Great Cause. Go Trev!
Heloise Dahlmann

Heloise Dahlmann

My name is Heloise Dahlmann. By running for the SPCA, I feel I would be directly contributing to the welfare and well-being of animals in need. By participating I feel I am helping raise awareness about the issues facing animals, such as overpopulation, abuse, and neglect. It will also promote adoption as a responsible way to bring pets into loving homes. Knowing that my effort will make a positive difference in the lives of animals will bring a sense of personal fulfilment and satisfaction. I will also be running for my family. My Dad, sister and I sadly lost our beloved wife and Mom, as well as four dogs, neither of whom, we can ever replace in our lives again.
Overall, I believe running for the SPCA team will combine the benefits of exercise, community involvement, and altruism, making it a meaningful and worthy endeavour.

Progress towards goal

R5320 / 5000

My sponsors
10/04/2024 R250.00 Leizélle Conacher Good luck my beautiful sister❤️
10/04/2024 R250.00 Nic Bac you go Girl
11/04/2024 R2500.00 Andrew Everitt Good luck, Have a brilliant run. From Andrew and Sue
11/04/2024 R100.00 Allan Steward Good luck Heloise
12/04/2024 R100.00 Vimla Naidoo Good luck my beastie xxx
12/04/2024 R100.00 Chris Schadle Good luck Heloise
12/04/2024 R20.00 Matt Sutherland Good luck, have fun.
13/04/2024 R1000.00 Rod Wylie Enjoy your run Sweetie. Love you
13/04/2024 R500.00 Kevin Dawson Wow what a great cause - thanks for helping our furry friends, have a great run :)
03/05/2024 R500.00 Karl Dahlmann Run for Lula tan and Denzel...good luck
Natasha Dell

Natasha Dell

I'm running for Team SPCA, because I feel pets truly do leave paw prints in our hearts. I live in the KZN Midlands, have 2 small children, and work at the Midlands Vet Hospital. I have 3 dogs of my own, and they hold a special place in my heart. Sponsoring me will help the animals at the Durban & Coast SPCA, and who doesn't love an SPCA animal. I can't wait to run in July for Team SPCA!

Progress towards goal

R2500 / 5000

My sponsors
10/04/2024 R500.00 Simon S
11/04/2024 R500.00 Chapman Tracy Such a great cause. 👍😊😍🐕You go girl. 🙏 🤩 God bless you always . 🙏🐶🙏
11/04/2024 R250.00 Lynette Mackrory
24/04/2024 R500.00 Sarah Chapman
28/06/2024 R500.00 Mike Edgcumbe Well done Tash 👍
28/06/2024 R250.00 Gina Caskie You go girl! We love our pets and hats off to you for running a worthwhile cause.

Sharon Futter

I’ve always loved animals, and my pets always have a very special place in my heart. I believe the SPCA does a great job of caring for the poor animals that bear the brunt of human cruelty and neglect. I have been an SPCA supporter for many years, and I am running this race to help them care for even more animals in need.

Progress towards goal

R1600 / 5000

My sponsors
10/04/2024 R150.00 Caroline Rich Thank you for doing this to help all tha animals in need 🐾❤️
11/04/2024 R150.00 Rachel Bassett Wishing you strong legs on your run Shaz 🩷
13/04/2024 R150.00 Marrs Ball
09/05/2024 R250.00 Jennel Gounden Such an amazing cause! All the best ♥️
19/05/2024 R500.00 Ilja Graulich Great idea
01/07/2024 R150.00 Tanya Fleischer Thank you for your support, Sharon! Hope you have an awesome run.
02/07/2024 R250.00 Louisa Van staden Go big Skollie!
Ann Druce

Ann Druce

You love your dogs. But there are plenty out there who don’t get the care yours do. Think of all the affection you give your pet and how some animals have no idea what that’s like. Animals who are more used to being hungry, anxious and afraid. Who’ve been neglected, abandoned. Or worse.

On 8 July, I’m running the Durban Run Your City 10k. I love to run, but this time I’m doing it to encourage you to support the SPCA Durban & Coast. You know they do amazing work, but you might not realise how much help they need. Especially now that donations are increasingly under pressure.

So, please sponsor me for this race. And help the SPCA.

Progress towards goal

R6000 / 5000

My sponsors
09/04/2024 R1000.00 Ian Druce Good luck!
10/04/2024 R250.00 Gordon Druce
11/04/2024 R250.00 Elin Paton
15/04/2024 R250.00 alison Raubenheimer Go for it Annie … great cause .. close to my heart ❤️
23/04/2024 R100.00 Jill Scott Go Anne!
24/04/2024 R250.00 The Menins
07/05/2024 R250.00 Marcia Bowman Awesome gesture!
17/06/2024 R500.00 Cassandra Holdcroft Congratulations, Ann. Such a special cause!
01/07/2024 R150.00 Tanya Fleischer Thanks for your support, Ann! Hope you have a fantastic run.
04/07/2024 R200.00 Penny Moon
06/07/2024 R250.00 Andy Wheelwright Had to sponsor my old School Friend whom I still cannot believe is now a runner. Good on you Ann and all the furry friends that will benefit
06/07/2024 R100.00 Marilina Lewis Well done!
06/07/2024 R500.00 Sarah Druce Crush it mom! 🩷
06/07/2024 R500.00 Scott Stricker Good Luck Ann 🏃‍♀️🐶
07/07/2024 R250.00 Gill Duckworth
07/07/2024 R250.00 Sue Stricker Well done!
07/07/2024 R250.00 Richard Saunt Great effort.
09/07/2024 R500.00 Monika Davies Well done !
10/07/2024 R200.00 Rayne Dancaster

How you can get involved

If you love animals, please support our efforts to protect them from cruelty and neglect. There are lots of different ways to help.

Sponsor a Yard Cat

Provide care and shelter for one of the cats that live permanently at our SPCA because they cannot be re-homed – with your monthly sponsorship gift of just R200.


Volunteering is an enriching experience for anyone who has some free time on a regular basis and wants to make a difference. You need to be over 16 years of age, reliable and have your own transport.

Get a MySchool Card

It costs you nothing, and you'll help animals every time you swipe the card at Woolworths and other participating stores. Be sure to nominate Durban & Coast SPCA as the beneficiary. Download the app from the Apple store or Google play, or click the button to sign up online.

Donate in lieu of a gift

Helping to make a better world for animals is the perfect way to honour a friend or loved one who prefers not to receive gifts for a birthday, anniversary or other celebration.

Support Coffee Cats

Enjoy a cuppa or a light meal in the tranquil setting of our cafe and tea garden. Meet our famous yard cats, browse plants for sale, visit our charity shop or Adoption Centre.

Include us in your Will

If kindness towards animals has been one of the guiding principles of your life, wouldn’t you enjoy knowing that your voice against cruelty, neglect, greed and ignorance will continue to be heard beyond your lifetime?

Donate unwanted items

Your unwanted furniture, clothing, household appliances, books, jewellery, etc can be sold in our charity shop to raise funds towards the care of our furry orphans. We also appreciate gifts of pet food, blankets, etc.

Collect small change for us

If you own or manage a retail outlet or are a member of a club, why not keep one of our collection tins on your counter? Small change mounts up quickly and makes a big difference to our Society!

Shop til you drop

We have a charity shop filled with amazing bargains, as well as a section of brand new pet products – collars & leads, tick & flea remedies, grooming products, toys & pet food.

Buy plants

Fill your garden with beautiful healthy plants, seedlings, flowers and more. Large selection available at our nursery, adjacent to Coffee Cats.

Sponsor a kennel

When you sponsor a kennel at the SPCA at a cost of R200 monthly, your kindness doesn't only touch one dog. Hundreds of sad, hurting and frightened dogs will find sanctuary in 'your' kennel, while they wait to be adopted.

Report cruelty

Animals can't speak for themselves - they need compassionate people to speak for them. If you know of an animal that is being ill treated or neglected, call us on 031 579 6501 or our emergency after hours number, 083 212 6103.

Amanzimtoti: 031 904 2424/5

Dolphin Coast (Ballito): 087 550 0512 /083 653 0127 (Emergencies)

Dundee & District: 034 212 2851

Empangeni: 034 792 9129/078 306 1439 (Emergencies)

Eshowe: 035 474 4169

Estcourt: 36 352 1476/083 555 9758 (Emergencies)

Greytown: 033 413 1181/033 413 1522

Howick: 033 330 4557/033 330 2672

Kloof & Highway: 031 764 1212

SPCA Inspector

Kokstad: 082 771 7229

Lower South Coast: 039 312 0962

Mooi River & District: 033 263 1526

Newcastle: 034 318 2346

Phoenix (Avonford Crescent) : 031 500 6452

Pietermaritzburg: 033 386 9267/8/9

Richards Bay: 035 753 2086

Sani: 033 702 1884